Recent articles and research – September 2022

September 1st, 2022

Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
BTCLQ Business Tax and Company Law Quarterly



(2022) 13.1


Fundamina Fundamina Juta (2021) 27.2


African constitutional law

Mujuzi, JD ‘Mandatory bail in Uganda: Understanding Article 23(6) of the Constitution in the light of its drafting history’ (2021) 27.2 Fundamina 38.

Maritime law

Surbun, V ‘The pirate as Hostis Humani Generis: The illegitimate enemy’ (2021) 27.2 Fundamina 67.

Regulation of medical profession

Wildenboer, L ‘Raising the yellow flag: Legal regulation to contain the spread of smallpox and other contagious diseases in the Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek’ (2021) 27.2 Fundamina 87.

Tax Administration Act

Rudnicki, M ‘Reportable arrangements under the TAA: An overview’ (2022) 13.1 BTCLQ 27.

Tax exemptions

Seligson SC, M ‘A purposive interpretation of the “qualifying purpose” exemption in sections 8E and 8EA of the Income Tax Act’ (2022) 13.1 BTCLQ 7.

Tax liability

Clegg, D ‘Source and the remote worker’ (2022) 13.1 BTCLQ 1.

Traditional African Institutions

Mamashela, M ‘The history of the creation of the customary law of marriage and divorce in the Natal Colony, Zululand and KwaZulu from 1869 to 1985’ (2021) 27.2 Fundamina 1.

Value-Added Tax Act

Kruger, D ‘VAT and the issue and redemption of tokens, stamps and vouchers’ (2022) 13.1 BTCLQ 16.


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