Recent articles and research – September 2023

September 1st, 2023






Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
SAJBL South African Journal of Bioethics and Law South African Medical Association NPC

(2022) 15.2

(2022) 15.3

(2023) 16.1

SAJHR South African Journal on Human Rights Taylor & Francis

(2021) 37.4

(2022) 38.1/2

(2022) 38.3/4

SAJS Southern African Journal of Security University of South Africa Press (2023)
SAPL Southern African Public Law University of South Africa Press

(2022) 37.1

(2022) 37.2


Access to genetic resources

Knight, J; Flack-Davison, E; Engelbrecht, S; Visagie, RG; Beukes, W; Coetzee, T; Mwale, M and Ralefala, DA literature review analysis of engagement with the Nagoya Protocol, with specific application to Africa’ (2022) 15.2 SAJBL 69.


Administrative decisions

Cachalia, R ‘Resuscitating the PAJA in state self-review? Compcare Wellness Medical Scheme v Registrar of Medical Schemes’ (2022) 38.1/2 SAJHR 70.


Best interests of the child

Fawole, CE ‘Making the best of the best interests: A commentary of AB v Pridwin Preparatory School’ (2022) 38.1/2 SAJHR 128.


Births and deaths

Soma-Pillay, P; Nkosi-Thomas, L and Pillay, YRights of the fetus: Voice of the unborn baby and Constitutional Court decision’ (2022) 15.2 SAJBL 40.


Clinical research

Rägo, L and Zweygarth, MThe CIOMS consensus report on clinical research in resource-limited settings’ (2022) 15.3 SAJBL 70.


Communal land

Mukwevho, N ‘The evolution and development of the principle of free, prior and informed consent in South Africa’ (2022) 38.1/2 SAJHR 144.


Consent in clinical trials

Kovane, GP; Nikoderm, VC and Khondowe, OInformed consent in clinical trials’ (2022) 15.2 SAJBL 48.


Constitutional Court statistics

Kamolane-Kgadima, B; Kathi, T; Moloko, T; Malindi, Z; Mhiribidi, RT; Skosana, T and Chagopa, AR ‘Constitutional Court statistics for the 2020 term’ (2021) 37.4 SAJHR 566.


Constitutional injunctions

Mudau, P and ‘Nyane, HA critical analysis of Zimbabwe’s non-implementation of constitutional injunctions on devolution’ (2022) 37.2 SAPL.



Abioye, F ‘COVID-19, Women’s rights, and the rule of law in Africa: Muddying the waters’ (2022) 37.1 SAPL.
Albertyn, C and Adams, RIntroduction: Special issue on “The Covid-19 Pandemic, Inequalities and Human Rights in South Africa”, part 2’ (2021) 37.4 SAJHR 437.
Dube, FTesting the right to vote in free, fair, and regular local government elections in South Africa: Challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic’ (2022) 37.1 SAPL.
Fagbayibo, B; Mulaudzi, M; Mooki, M; Chembe, KEditorial: Another day, another COVID-19 special issue: A vital “bandwagon”’ (2022) 37.1 SAPL.
Kavuro, C ‘The COVID-19 pandemic and socio-economic protection for refugees in South Africa’ (2021) 37.4 SAJHR 466.
Klaaren, J and Ray, B ‘South Africa’s technologies enhancing contact tracing for Covid-19: A human rights and techno-politics assessment’ (2021) 37.4 SAJHR 535.
Mahhumane, D ‘Dismissal of an employee for failing to follow COVID-19 regulations: Eskort Limited v Mogotsi [2021] JR1644-20 (LC) (2022) 37.1 SAPL.
Mushariwa, M ‘Transformation agenda during COVID-19: Do the means justify the ends?’ (2022) 37.2 SAPL.
Neluvhalani, VSJStatelessness and COVID-19 in South Africa’ (2022) 37.1 SAPL.
Olayinka, OF ‘The COVID-19 pandemic and education during a state of emergency: Re-assessing the right to education of children with disabilities in Nigeria’ (2022) 37.1 SAPL.
Olivier, M and Govindjee, A ‘Asylum seekers in South Africa and COVID-19: A catalyst for social security law reform?’ (2021) 37.4 SAJHR 442.
Owie, UNMultilateralism and management of public health emergencies: A case study of the Africa Joint Continental Strategy for COVID-19 Outbreak’ (2022) 37.1 SAPL.
Pillay, KImpact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the occupational roles of private security officers in South Africa’ (2023) SAJS.


Cultural practices

Bande, L ‘Criminalising harmful cultural practices: Lessons from Malawi’ (2022) 37.2 SAPL.


Delictual liability

Boonzaaier, L ‘Delictual liability for injuries suffered at childcare centres’ (2022) 38.3/4 SAJHR 309.


Early childhood development

Ally, N; Ozah, K and Peacock, TNRenewal and Reform: Special Issue on “Realising the Rights of Children to Quality Early Childhood Development in South Africa”’ (2022) 38.3/4 SAJHR 163.
Bekink, MThe right of children with disabilities to early childhood development: Is South Africa complying with international law?’ (2022) 38.3/4 SAJHR 192.
Biersteker, L; Berry, L and Gwele, MIn whose best interests? The ECD regulatory framework, understandings of the best interests of the young child and access to quality early education’ (2022) 38.3/4 SAJHR 215.
Brooks, LE; Kotzé, J; Almeleh, C; and Senona, EAssessing the policy options for the public provisioning of early childhood development programmes’ (2022) 38.3/4 SAJHR 240.
Bryer, MR and van Leeve, YEarly childhood development and decent jobs for women: Planting two trees from one seed?’ (2022) 38.3/4 SAJHR 261.
Fredman, S; Donati, G and Naicker, SNew beginnings: The right to equality and early childhood care and education’ (2022) 38.3/4 SAJHR 167.
Peacock, TNAdvancing early childhood development: The role of local government’ (2022) 38.3/4 SAJHR 285.



Furtak, AMDeveloping ethical research behaviour in doctoral students’ (2022) 15.2 SAJBL 65.
Omutoko, K; Amugune, B; Nyawira, T; Inwani, I; Muchoki, C; Masika, M; Omosa-Manyonyi, G; Kamau, C; K’Apiyo, L and Jaoko, WStrengthening research ethics oversight in Africa: The Kenyan example’ (2023) 16.1 SAJBL 19.
Van Staden, W; Nienaber, A; Rossouw, T; Turner, A; Flimalter, C; Mervier, AE; Nel, JG; Bapela, B; Beetge, MM; Blumenthal, R; Castelyn, CDV; de Witt, TW; Dlagnekova, AG; Kotze, C; Mangwane, JS; Napoles, L; Sommers, R; Sykes, L; Van Zyl, WB; Venter, M; Uys, A and Warren, NRace in health research: Considerations for researchers and research ethics committees’ (2023) 16.1 SAJBL 9.


Healthcare practitioners

Kwinda, M; Labuschaigne, M and Slabbert, MDisciplinary proceedings against healthcare practitioners facing criminal charges: The role of the Health Professions Council of South Africa’ (2022) 15.2 SAJBL 44.


Healthcare services

Mahomed, S; Labuschaigne, M and Slabbert, MJustice in the provision of healthcare services – A stifled right in the private sector’ (2022) 15.3 SAJBL 92.


Insurance and COVID-19

Katzew, J ‘The role of insurance at the intersection of COVID-19 and inequality through the lens of the cases: Cafe Chameleon CC v Guardrisk Insurance Company Ltd and Ma-Afrika Hotels (Pty) Ltd v Santam Limited’ (2021) 37.4 SAJHR 492.


Intellectual property

Swales, L; Botes, M; Donnelly, D and Thaldar, DTowards a data transfer agreement for the South African research community: The empowerment approach’ (2023) 16.1 SAJBL 13.


International children’s rights

Joseph, RS; Mahiti, GR; Frumence, G and Ulrich, CMParents’ perceptions of ethical issues in adolescents’ HIV care and treatment at Temeke Regional Referral Hospital, Tanzania’ (2022) 15.2 SAJBL 54.


International healthcare

Alsamara, T; Farouk, G and Halima, MPublic health and the legal regulation of medical services in Algeria: Between the public and private sectors’ (2022) 15.2 SAJBL 60.


International human rights

Sogunro, A ‘Dignity for the Queer African: How the right to dignity in International Human Rights Law imposes obligations on all states to protect sexual minorities’ (2022) 37.1 SAPL.


Labour law

Nxumalo, L ‘How can talent management promote human rights, accelerate inclusion and advance persons with disabilities in the workplace?’ (2022) 38.1/2 SAJHR 46.


Land reform

Pienaar, JM, Du Plessis, W and Johnson, ELand matters and rural development: 2021’ (2022) 37.2 SAPL.


LLB curriculum

Sidane, NProphecy and the pandemic: The vindication of decolonial legal critical scholarship’ (2022) 37.1 SAPL.


Local government

Twani, N and Soyapi, CB ‘The legal accountability of local government in South Africa for the failure to deliver sanitation services’ (2022) 38.1/2 SAJHR 92.


Mandatory reporting obligations

Strode, A and Badul, CMandatory reporting obligations within the context of health research: Grappling with some of the ethical-legal complexities’ (2023) 16.1 SAJBL 4.


Medical ethics

Dhai, AEthics replaced by politics at the patient’s bedside: Sad and dark times in our post-1994 trajectory’ (2022) 15.2 SAJBL 38.


Municipal Finance Management Act

Maloka, TC; Sefoka, IM ‘Accountability, estoppel and bypassing of the Municipal Finance Management Act: A note on Merifon (Pty) Ltd v Greater Letaba Municipality Trilogy’ (2022) 37.2 SAPL.


National health insurance

Dhai, AHow is South Africa going to implement NHI when corruption is so rampant?’ (2022) 15.3 SAJBL 76.



Du Plessis, WJLM du Plessis’ (2021) 37.4 SAJHR 558.


Parents’ rights v children’s rights

Anyamele, UParens patriae jurisdiction and religious beliefs of parents in medical treatment of a minor: Examining the Supreme Court’s decision in Tega Esabunor v Faweya & Ors (2019) LPELR 46961 (SC) in light of international practice’ (2023) 16.1 SAJBL 29.



Kengi, B and Nkosi, V ‘Analysis of the current legal framework protecting the health of communities near gold mine tailings in South Africa’ (2022) 37.2 SAPL.


Property law

Viljoen, SM ‘Resistance to reform property: A “resilient property” perspective’ (2022) 38.1/2 SAJHR 24.


Protection of personal information

Mahomed, S and Labuschaigne, MLThe evolving role of research ethics committees in the era of open data’ (2022) 15.3 SAJBL 70.


Regulation of sporting bodies

Kohn, L ‘Private sporting bodies and the “supervisory disciplines of public law”: Ndoro v South African Football Association as an apt case study for line-drawing within a four-quadrant typology’ (2022) 38.1/2 SAJHR 92.


Same-sex customary marriages

Osman, G and Baase, M ‘The recognition of same-sex customary marriages under South African customary law’ (2022) 38.1/2 SAJHR 1.


Security of information

Endouware, BE and Okwu, ELibrarians’ perceptions of the security of library resources in university libraries in Bayelsa State, Nigeria’ (2023) SAJS.


Short story

De Gama, RADéjà Vu: A fictional take on the repeated history of pandemics and IP law’ (2022) 37.1 SAPL.



Bahtiri, B; Maxhuni, Q; Ferizi, RBioethics of childbirth for another (surrogate motherhood) in the Civil Code of Kosovo’ (2023) 16.1 SAJBL 23.
Thaldar, DThe right to family life: Why the genetic link requirement for surrogacy should be struck out’ (2022) 15.3 SAJBL 84.


Sustainable development

Phyffer, J ‘Degrowth and international law: Assessing the compatibility of degrowth and the principle of sustainable development’ (2022) 37.2 SAPL.


Urban security governance

Balogun, FAUrban security governance in residential neighbourhoods: A researcher’s perspective’ (2023) SAJS.



Dhai, AVaccine production in Africa: Will initiatives survive?’ (2023) 16.1 SAJBL 92.
Dube, A ‘Compulsory vaccinations of minors in international law as discussed in Vavricka  v the Czech Republic – implications for South Africa’ (2022) 37.2 SAPL.
Mate, LE ‘The obligations of governments and big pharma regarding equitable vaccine supply’ (2022) 37.1 SAPL.


Water and sanitation

Steyn, NR ‘Exploring the adequacy of South African water law in managing non-revenue water: A focus on South African Cities’ (2022) 37.1 SAPL.


Wealth tax

Winchester, J ‘Too taxing, too much taxing, or not progressive enough? The introduction of a wealth tax as an equality imperative in South Africa’ (2021) 37.4 SAJHR 512.

Kathleen Kriel BTech (Journ) is the Production Editor at De Rebus.
This article was first published in De Rebus in 2023 (Sep) DR 41.