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June 2nd, 2015

By Meryl Federl


ILJ: Industrial Law Journal (Juta)

SALJ: South African Law Journal (Juta)

SAJCJ: South African Journal of Criminal Law (Juta)

SLR: Stellenbosch Law Review (Juta)

Animal law

Van der Merwe, CG ‘Reflections on the concurrence of the remedies in terms of the reformed pound legislation and the actio de pastu’ (2014) 25.3 SLR 612.

Child law

Mills, L ‘Failing children: The courts’ disregard of the best interests of the child in Le Roux v Dey’ (2014) 131.4 SALJ 847.

Nicholson, CMA ‘Should the court look at the best interests of specific children in abduction cases? An examination of Central Authority of the Republic of South Africa v JW and HW with C du Toit intervening’ (2014) 131.4 SALJ 756.

Company law

Chon J and Van der Linde, K ‘Tax issues arising from the amalgamation or merger procedure in the Companies Act 71 of 2008’ (2014) 25.3 SLR 471.

Competition law

Konstant, A ‘Passive investments’ attempt to find a home in South African competition law’ (2014) 131.4 SALJ 819.

Constitutional law

Ntlama, N ‘An overview of the principle of the “independence” of the Ombudsman in South Africa and Namibia’ (2014) 25.3 SLR 595.

Criminal law

Burchell, J ‘Protecting dignity under common law and the Constitution: The significance of crimen iniuria in South African criminal law’ (2014) 27.3 SAJCJ 250.

Okpaluba, C ‘Reasonable suspicion and conduct of the police officer in arrest without warrant: Are the demands of the Bill of Rights a fifth jurisdictional fact?’ (2014) 27.3 SAJCJ 325.

Reddi, M and Ramji, B ‘The pre-trial right to silence whilst exercising the right to access police dockets in South African law: A right too far?’ (2014) 27.3 SAJCJ 306.

Schwikkard, PJ ‘Professional incompetence, voluntariness and the right to a fair trial’ (2014) 27.3 SAJCJ 293.

Debtor and creditors

Eiselen, S ‘Unshackling the Shackleton defence a little’ (2014) 131.4 SALJ 729.


Brand, FDJ ‘Aspects of wrongfulness: A series of lectures’ (2014) 25.3 SLR 451.

Price, A ‘The contract/delict interface in the Constitutional Court’ (2014) 25.3 SLR 501.

Dispute resolution

Rycroft, A ‘What should the consequences be of an unreasonable refusal to participate in ADR? (2014) 131.4 SALJ 778.

Environmental law

Du Plessis, AA and van der Berg, A ‘RA Le Sueur v eThekwini Municipality 2013 JDR 0178 (KZP): An Environmental Law Reading’ (2014) 25.3 SLR 580.

Stander, AL ‘Die opskorting van omgewingsgedinge in insolvensie’ (2014) 25.3 SLR 511.


Paizes, A ‘The law of evidence: Seven wishes for the next twenty years’ (2014) 27.3 SAJCJ 272.

Visser, J, Oosthuizen, H and Verschoor, T ‘A critical investigation into prosecutorial discretion and responsibility in the presentation of expert evidence’ (2014) 131.4 SALJ 865.

Financial services

Kawadza, H ‘A comment on the liability regime introduced by section 65 of the Financial Services Law General Amendment Act 45 of 2013’ (2014) 131.4 SALJ 768.

Human rights

Budlender, GSC ‘The 20 Years of democracy: The state of Human Rights in South Africa’ (2014) 25.3 SLR 439.

Insolvency law

Klopper, H and Bradstreet, RS ‘Averting liquidations with business rescue: Does a section 155 compromise place the bar too high?’ (2014) 25.3 SLR 549.

International criminal law

Du Plessis, M ‘The long walk to accountability for international crimes – Reflections from South Africa’ (2014) 27.3 SAJCJ 404.


Raboshakga, N ‘The doctrine of separation of powers and interim interdict cases involving the state: National Treasury v Opposition to Urban Tolling Alliance’ (2014) 131.4 SALJ 740.

Labour law

Froneman, J ‘The rule of law, fairness and labour law’ (2015) 36 April ILJ 823.

Le Roux, R ‘Benefits – have we found the way out of the labyrinth?’ (2015) 36 April ILJ 888.

Maqutu, L ‘Collective misconduct in the workplace: Is “team misconduct” “collective guilt” in disguise?’ (2014) 25.3 SLR 566.

Theron, J, Godfrey S and Fergus, E ‘Organisational collective bargaining rights through the lens of Marikana’ (2015) 36 April ILJ 849.

Tong, LA ‘Employee – made intellectual property: Statutory considerations for the contractual regulation of ownership’ (2015) 36 April ILJ 870.

Van Niekerk, A ‘Speedy social justice: Streamlining the statutory dispute resolution processes’ (2015) 36 April ILJ 837.

Law of contract

Myburgh, F ‘The South African approach to the rectification of agreements subject to constitutive formalities: One step too many?’ (2014) 131.4 SALJ 787.

Local government

Brits, R ‘The statutory security right in section 118(3) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 – does it survive transfer of the land? [Discussion of City of Tshwane Metropolitan Municipality v Mathabathe 2013 (4) SA 319 (SCA)]’ (2014) 25.3 SLR 536.

Police law

Marks, M and Bruce, D ‘Groundhog Day? Public order policing twenty years into democracy’ (2014) 27.3 SAJCJ 346.

Van der Spuy, E and Armstrong, A ‘Policing of an urban periphery: The case of Khayelitsha’ (2014) 27.3 SAJCJ 377.

Property law

Freyfogle, ET ‘Property law in a time of transformation: The record of the United States’ (2014) 131.4 SALJ 883.

Meryl Federl BA, Higher Dipl Librarianship (Wits) is an archivist at the Johannesburg Society of Advocates library. E-mail:

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This article was first published in De Rebus in 2015 (June) DR 43.