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July 23rd, 2015

By Meryl Federl

List of journals indexed in this issue of De Rebus
Obiter: Obiter (2015) 36.1 (Faculty of Law – Nelson Mandela Metropolitan university)
SAJHR: South African Journal Human Rights (2015) vol 31.1 (Juta)
SALJ: South African Law Journal (2015) vol 132.2 (Juta)
SLR: Stellenbosch Law Review (2015) vol 26.1 (Juta)

Access to justice
Dugard, J ‘Closing the doors of justice: An examination of the Constitutional Court’s approach to direct access, 1995 – 2013: Political rights since 1994’ (2015) 31.1 SAJHR 112.

Administrative law
Govender, K ‘Malfeasance, administrative justice and the right of access to health-care services: An assessment of MEC for Health v Kirkland Investment (Pty) Ltd 2014 (5) BCLR 547 (CC)’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 178.
Hoexter, C ‘The enforcement of an official promise: Form, substance and the Constitutional Court’ (2015) 132.2 SALJ 207.

Constitutional Court
Magaya, I, Cooke, M, Macchelli, P and Chamberlain, L ‘Constitutional Court statistics for the 2010 term’ (2015) 31.1 SAJHR 205.
Viljoen, J, Magaya, I, Ongeso, JP, Ndebele, C, Grant Tungay, SJ, Samaradiwakera-Wijesundara, C, Cooke, M and Chamberlain, L ‘Constitutional Court statistics for the 2011 term’ (2015) 31.1 SAJHR 219.

Constitutional law
Van Staden, M ‘The case of the Speluncean Explorers in the South African Constitutional Court’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 1.

Child law
Karels, M and Pienaar, L ‘Determination of criminal capacity for child offenders – interfacing the procedural requirements of the Child Justice and Criminal Procedure Act’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 57.
Moyo, A ‘Child participation under South African law: Beyond the convention on the rights of the child?’ (2015) 31.1 SAJHR 173.
Nkosi, G ‘African children and sexuality: A perspective on traditional and contemporary approaches’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 112.

Bhana, D ‘The development of a basic approach for the constitutionalisation of our common law of contract’ (2015) 26.1 SLR 3.
Naude, T and Koep, C ‘Factors relevant to the assessment of the unfairness or unreasonableness of contract terms: Some guidance from the German law on standard contract terms’ (2015) 26.1 SLR 85.

Sangoni, T, Smuts, I, Turner, N and Powers, J ‘Commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the Eastern Cape High Court’ (2015) 132.2 SALJ 438.

Credit law
Kelly-Louw, M ‘The overcomplicated interpretation of the word “may” in sections 129 and 123 of the National Credit Act’ (2015) 132.2 SALJ 245.
Steyn, L ‘Reinstatement of a home mortgage bond by paying the arrears: The need for appropriate legislative reform’ (2015) 26.1 SLR 132.

Criminal justice
Makiwane, PN ‘Restorative justice: Bringing justice for crime victims?’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 79.

Customary law
Spies, A ‘Relevance and importance of the amicus curiae participation in Mayelane v Ngwenyama [Discussion of Mayelane v Ngwenyama 2013 (4) SA 415 (CC)]’ (2015) 26.1 SLR 156.

Cyber law
Swales, L ‘The regulation of electronic signatures: Time for review and amendment’ (2015) 132.2 SALJ 257.

Parker, J and Zaal, FN ‘Damages for deprivation of parental care: Initiating a groundbreaking new remedy for children M v Minister of Police 2013 (5) SA 622 (GNP)’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 164.

Visser, CJ and Kennedy-Good, C ‘The emergence of a “flexible” conditio sine qua non test to factual causation? Lee v Minister of Correctional Services 2013 (2) SA 144 (CC)’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 150.

Environmental law
Glazewski, J and Plit, L ‘Towards the application of the precautionary principle in South African law’ (2015) 26.1 SLR 190.
Lerm, H ‘Fracking: An energy dream come true or an environmental nightmare?’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 41.

Monyakane, MME ‘The disparities in section 3, hearsay-admissibility rules and the negative effects the consent clause in section 3(1)(a) has on the accused whose representatives agree to the admission of hearsay evidence to prove a case against their clients’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 136.

Family law
Barratt, A ‘Private contract or automatic court discretion? Current trends in legal regulation of permanent life-partnerships’ (2015) 26.1 SLR 110.

Health law
Forcier, MB and Stirner, B ‘Twelve years after Canada’s access to medicines regime: Should South Africa follow the path?’ (2015) 132.2 SALJ 313.

Insolvency law
Kgarabjang, T ‘Effect of a notice to surrender on an insolvent’s estate subsequent to a sale in execution Fourie v Edkins (740/12) [2013] ZASCA 117 (19 September 2013)’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 171.

Xaba, GMN ‘Presence as a basis for the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgment sounding in money: The “real and substantial connection” test considered’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 121.

Labour law
Botha, MM ‘Revisiting an old friend: What constitutes “a matter of mutual interest” in relation to a strike? A tale of two recent cases Pikitup (SOC) Ltd v SA Municipal Workers Union on behalf of Members (2014) 35 ILJ 983 (LAC); and Vanachem Vanadium Products (Pty) Ltd v National Union of Metal Workers of SA case no J 658/14’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 194.
Mathiba, MK ‘Deemed dismissals and suspensions in the public sector Grootboom v National Prosecuting Authority (2014) ILJ 121 (CC)’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 223.
Wagener, S ‘The abandonment-mismanagement rule: Vicarious liability for an employee’s simultaneous commission and omission’ (2015) 132.2 SALJ 270.

Law of precedent
Ryan, S ‘The balance between certainty and flexibility in horizontal and vertical stare decisis: Bosch v Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service’ (2015) 132.2 SALJ 230.

Legal education
Quinot, G and Greenbaum, L ‘The contours of a pedagogy of law in South Africa’ (2015) 26.1 SLR 29.

Marriage law
Marumoagae, C ‘Factors justifying forfeiture of patrimonial benefits orders Molapo v Molapo (2013) ZAFSHC 29 14 Mar 2013’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 232.

Feehily, R ‘The role of the commercial mediator in the mediation process: A critical analysis of the legal and regulatory issues’ (2015) 132.2 SALJ 372.

Political rights
Bilchitz, D ‘Introduction: Political rights since 1994’ (2015) 31.1 SAJHR 1.
Dafel, M ‘The directly enforceable Constitution: Political parties and the horizontal application of the bill of rights: Political rights since 1994’ (2015) 31.1 SAJHR 56.
De Vos, P ‘It’s my party (and I’ll do what I want to)?: Internal party democracy and section 19 of the South African Constitution: Political rights since 1994’ focus (2015) 31.1 SAJHR 30.
Fowkes, J ‘Right after all: Reconsidering New National Party in the South African canon: Political rights since 1994’ (2015) 31.1 SAJHR 151.
Raboshakga, N ‘Towards participatory democracy, or not: The reasonableness approach in public involvement cases: Political rights since 1994’ (2015) 31.1 SAJHR 4.
Spies, A ‘Considering the impact of amicus curiae participation on feminist litigation strategy: Political rights since 1994’ (2015) 31.1 SAJHR 136.

Prison law
Pete, SA ‘Holding up a mirror to Apartheid South Africa: Public discourse on the issue of overcrowding in South African prisons 1980 to 1984 – part 2’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 17.

Property law
Njotini, MN ‘Evaluating the position of information or data in the law of property’ (2015) 26.1 SLR 220.
Tuba, M and Mbiriri, E ‘A case for title insurance in the South African property-registration system’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 95.

Du Plessis, GA ‘Freedom of expression and defamation of religion: Mohammedi v SABC3’ (2015) 31.1 SAJHR 185.

Sectional title
Booysen, J and van der Merwe, CG ‘The rationale for the imposition of non-financial obligations on apartment owners in a sectional title scheme’ (2015) 26.1 SLR 168.

Separation of powers
Cachalia, F ‘Separation of powers, active liberty and the allocation of public resources: The E-Tolling case’ (2015) 132.2 SALJ 285.

Socio-economic rights
Bilchitz, D ‘Are socio-economic rights a form of political rights?: Political rights since 1994’ (2015) 31.1 SAJHR 86.
Liebenberg, S ‘Toward an equality-promoting interpretation of socio-economic rights in South Africa: Insights from the egalitarian liberal tradition’ (2015) 132.2 SALJ 411.

Sonnekus, JC ‘Bewoningsreg (habitatio) – aard van die regsobjek en die effek daarvan op die registrasie van die reg’ (2015) 26.1 SLR 63.

Trade mark law
Subramanien, D ‘Narrowing of the “own name” defence Hotel Cipriani SRL v Cipriani (Grosvenor Street) Limited [2008] EWHC 3032 (Ch); [2010] EWCA Civ 110; [2013] EWHC 70 (Ch)’ (2015) 36.1 Obiter 210.

Unjust enrichment
Sonnekus, JC and Schlemmer, EC ‘Covering bonds, the accessorial principle and remedies founded in equity – not self-evident bedfellows’ (2015) 132.2 SALJ 132.2 340.

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