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October 28th, 2015

By Meryl Federl

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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
AJ Acta Juridica Juta (2015)
  LitNet Akademies (Regte) (2015) 12(2)
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University (2015) 18.2
SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2015) 132.3
SAJHR South African Journal Human Rights Juta (2015) 31.2
THRHR Tydskrif vir Hedendaagse-Hollandse Reg LexisNexis (2015) 78.3


Adminstrative law

Hoexter, C ‘The importance of dissent: Two judgments in administrative law’ (2015) AJ 120.

Price, A ‘State liability and accountability’ (2015) AJ 313.

Animal law

Snyman-Van Deventer, E and Hauman, H ‘Greyhound racing in South Africa: Updating an old debate with the emerging “moral” standard in international law’ (2015) 78.3 THRHR 425.


Moerane, M ‘Tribute to Chief Justice Pius Langa’ (2015) AJ 21.

Moseneke, D ‘Personal tribute to former Chief Justice Pius Langa’ (2015) AJ 3.

Sachs, A ‘Tribute to Pius Langa’ (2015) AJ 10.

Child law

De Jong, M ‘Suggested safeguards and limitations for effective and permissible parenting coordination (facilitation or case management) in South Africa’ (2015) PER 18.2.

Skelton, A ‘S v Williams: A springboard for further debate about corporal punishment’ (2015) AJ 336.

Van Niekerk, C ‘Section 294 of the Children’s Act: Do roots really matter?’ (2015) PER 18.2.

Competition law

Chitimira, H ‘The Regulation of Market Manipulation in Australia: A historical comparative perspective’ (2015) PER 18.2.

Company law

Lombard, M and Swart, WJC ‘Business rescue: The unsurety about sureties – Tuning Fork (Pty) Ltd T/A Balanced Audio v Jonker’ (2015) 78.3 THRHR 521.


Du Bois, F ‘Contractual obligation and the journey from natural law to constitutional law’ (2015) AJ 281.

Du Plessis, J ‘Illegal contracts and the burden of proof’ (2015) 132.3 SALJ 664.

Shabhana, D and Meerkotter, A ‘The impact of the Constitution on the common law of contract: Botha v Rich NO (CC)’ (2015)  132.3 SALJ 494.

Constitutional law

Brickhill, J and Van Leeve, Y ‘Transformative constitutionalism – guiding light or empty slogan?’ (2015) AJ 141.

Hodgson, T ‘Fish Bridging the gap between people and the law: Transformative constitutionalism and the right to constitutional literacy’ (2015) AJ 189.


Tungay, G; Samaradiwakera-Wijesundara, C; Cooke, M; Ndebele, C; Wentzel, M; Viljoen, J; Magaya, I; and Chamberlain, L ‘Constitutional Court statistics for the 2012 term’ (2015) 31.2 SAJHR 410.

Credit law

Otto, JM ‘The surrender of goods in terms of the National Credit Act’ (2015) 78. 3 THRHR 487.

Renke, S ‘Die nuwe bekostigbaarheidsassessering-regulasies ingevolge die Nasionale Kredietwet 34 van 2005 van naderby beskou’ LitNet Akademies (2015) 12(2).

Van Heerden, CM ‘The impact of
s 129(1)(a) of the National Credit Act on the prescription of credit agreement debt’ (2015) 78. 3 THRHR 457.

Criminal law

Cassim, F ‘Protecting personal information in the era of identity theft: Just how safe is our personal information from identity thieves?’ (2015) PER 18.2.

De Villiers, WP ‘Section 276B(2) of the Criminal Procedure Act: Must the court fix a non-parole period where concurrent prison sentences are imposed, and does the accused have the right to be heard on whether s 276B(2) ought to be invoked, and if so, what should be the length of such a non-parole period? – S v Mthimkhulu’ (2015)  78. 3 THRHR 513.

Schwikkard, PJ ‘Can we discard the doctrine of legal guilt’ (2015) AJ 360.

Cultural rights

Ampofo-Anti, O and Bishop, M ‘On the limits of cultural accommodation: KwaZulu-Natal MEC for Education v Pillay’ (2015) AJ 456.

Customary law

Maithufi, IP ‘Validity of a civil marriage contracted after 2 December 1988 during the subsistence of a customary marriage – TM v NM’ (2015) 78. 3 THRHR 363.

Sibanda, S, and Mosaka, TB ‘Bhe v Magistrate, Khayelitsha: A cultural conundrum, Fanonian alienation and an elusive constitutional oneness’ (2015) AJ 256.

Siegel, N ‘Thinking the boundaries of customary law in South Africa’ (2015) 31.2 SAJHR 357.

Weeks, SM ‘Customary succession and the development of customary law: The Bhe legacy’ (2015) AJ 215.

Cyber law

Theophilopoulos, C ‘Electronic documents, encryption, cloud storage and the privilege against self-incrimination’ (2015) 132.3 SALJ 596.

Environmental law

Du Plessis, A ‘Climate change, public trusteeship and the tomorrows of the unborn’ (2015) 31.2 SAJHR 269.


Lutchman, S S v Lito 2014 SACR 431 (SCA): A clarification on extra curial statements and hearsay’ (2015) PER 18.2.

Family law

Boniface, AE ‘Family mediation in South Africa: Developments and recommendations’ (2015) 78.3 THRHR 397.

Bontuys, E ‘RH v DE: A feminist minority judgment on adultery’ (2015) 31.2 SAJHR 379.


Donders, YM ‘Exploring the cultural dimensions of the right to the highest attainable standard of health’ (2015) PER 18.2.

Housing law

Muller, G ‘Evicting unlawful occupiers for health and safety reasons in post-apartheid South Africa’ (2015) 132.3 SALJ 616.

Insolvency law

Wainer, HE ‘The insolvency conundrum in the Companies Act’ (2015) 132.3 SALJ 509.

Internationl trade law

Marxen, K ‘The cycle of harmonisation – from domestic laws to the CISG and back?’(2015) 132.3 SALJ 547.


Albertyn, C and Fredman, S ‘Equality beyond dignity: Multi-dimensional equality and Justice Langa’s  judgments’  (2015) AJ 430.

Bilchitz, D ‘Humility, dissent and community: Exploring Chief Justice Langa’s political and judicial philosophy’ (2015) AJ 88.

Bodasing, A ‘Working with Justice Langa on press freedom’ (2015) AJ 24.

Fowkes, J ‘The people, the court and Langa constitutionalism’ (2015) AJ 75.

Roux, T ‘The Langa Court: Its distinctive character and legacy’ (2015) AJ 33.

Labour law

Bellengere, A and Spurrett, D ‘A discordant note:  Kievits Kroon Country Estate v Mmoledi’ (2015) SALJ 132.3 483.

Botha, MM ‘Responsibilities of companies towards employees’ (2015) PER 18.2.

Diedericks, L and van Eck, BPS ‘Claims against employees: Interpretation and application of s 34 of the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997’ (2015) 78. 3 THRHR 476.

Legal education

Appiagyei-Atua, K; Beiter, K and Karran, T ‘The composite theory: An African contribution to the academic freedom discourse’ (2015) 31.2 SAJHR 315.

Davis, D ‘Legal transformation and legal education: Congruence or conflict?’ (2015) AJ 172.

Legal profession

Boome, DJ and Slabbert, M ‘The judicial approach to contingency fee agreements in South Africa’ (2015) 78. 3 THRHR 407.

Medical law

Oosthuizen, WT and Carstens, PA ‘Re-evaluating medical malpractice: A patient safety approach’ (2015) 78. 3 THRHR 380.

Mineral law

Padenhorst, PJ and Olivier, N ‘Conversion of jointly-held old order mining rights: You can’t always get what you want – Minister of Mineral Resources v Sishen Iron Ore Company (Pty) Ltd’ (2015) 78. 3 THRHR 498.

Partnership law

Henning JJ ‘A review of colonial limited partnership legislation in South and Southern Africa’ (2015) 78. 3 THRHR 446.

Planning law

Bronstein, V ‘Mapping legislative and executive powers over “municipal planning”: Exploring the boundaries of local, provincial and national control’ (2015) 132.3 SALJ 639.

Prison law

Peté, SA ‘Apartheid’s Alcatraz: The Barberton Prison Complex During the Early 1980s – Part One’ (2015) PER 18.2.

Peté, SA ‘Apartheid’s Alcatraz: The Barberton Prison Complex During the Early 1980s – Part Two’ (2015) PER 18.2.

Privacy law

Okpaluba, C ‘Constitutional protection of the right to privacy: The contribution of Chief Justice Langa to the law of search and seizure’ (2015) AJ 407.

Property law

Brits, R ‘Protection for homes during mortgage enforcement: Human-rights approaches in South African and English law’ (2015) 132.3 SALJ 566.

Van Der Walt, AJ and Siphuma, NS ‘Extending the lessor’s tacit hypothec to third parties’ property’ (2015) 132.3 SALJ 518.

Refugee rights

De Jager, J ‘The right of asylum seekers and refugees in South Africa to self-employment: A comment on Somali Association of South Africa v Limpopo Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism’ (2015) 31.2 SAJHR 401.

Reproductive rights

Robinson, JA ‘Provisional thoughts on limitations to the right to procreate’ (2015) PER 18.2.

Savage-Oyekunle, OA and Nienaber, A ‘“Adolescent girls” access to contraceptive information and services in South Africa: What is going wrong?’ (1) (2015) 78. 3 THRHR 363.

Rule of law

Woolman, S ‘On the reciprocal relationship between the rule of law and civil society’ (2015) AJ 374.

Same-sex rights

Rudman, A ‘South Africa’s obligations to react to the intensified criminalisation of same-sex conduct in Nigeria and Uganda under domestic and international law’ (2015) 31.2 SAJHR 241.

Socio-economic rights

Coggin, T and Pieterse, M ‘A right to transport? Moving towards a rights-based approach to mobility in the city’ (2015) 31.2 SAJHR 294.

Cornelius, S ‘Wat die drome nie genees nie: Kan toestemming tot benadeling steeds aanspreeklikheid weens sportbeserings uitsluit?’  LitNet Akademies (2015) 12(2).

Modiri, JM ‘Law’s Poverty’ (2015) PER 18.2.

Soyeju, O   ‘Making a case for a development-driven approach to law as a linchpin for the post-2015 development agenda’ (2015) PER 18.2.

Van der Berg, S ‘The need for a capabilities-based standard of review for the adjudication of State resource allocation decisions’ (2015) 31.2 SAJHR 330.

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