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August 29th, 2016

By Meryl Federl

Accessing articles from publishers


Please note that the below abbreviations are to be found in italics at the end of the title of articles and are there to give reference to the title of the journal the article is published in. To access the article, please contact the publisher directly. Where articles are available on an open access platform, articles will be hyperlinked on the De Rebus website at



Journal title Publisher


AHRLJ African Human Rights Law Journal Pretoria University Law Press (2016)
AJ Acta Juridica Juta 2016
JJS Journal for Juridical Science University of the Free State, Faculty of Law (2016)
LitNet LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaans Onderwys (2016) July
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal / Potchefstroomse Elektroniese Regsblad North West University, Faculty Of Law (2016) July



South African Journal on Human Rights Taylor and Francis (2016)

Administration of estates

Muller-Van der Westhuizen, C and Nhlapo, Z ‘Practical challenges relating to the supervision of small estates’ (2016) JJS 1.

African Commission on human and peoples’ rights

Enabulele, AO ‘Incompatibility of national law with the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights: Does the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights have the final say?’ (2016) 16.1 AHRLJ 1.

Ndahinda, FM ‘Peoples’ rights, indigenous rights and interpretative ambiguities in decisions of the African Commission on Human and Peoples’ Rights’ (2016) 16.1 AHRLJ 29.

Child law

Chirwa, DM ‘Children’s rights, domestic alternative care frameworks and judicial responses to restrictions on inter-country adoption: A case study of Malawi and Uganda’ (2016) 16.1 AHRLJ 117.

Customary law

Rautenbach, C ‘A family home, five sisters and the rule of ultimogeniture: Judicial approaches to customary law in South Africa and Botswana’ (2016) 16.1 AHRLJ 145.

Consumer law

Roestoff, M ‘Rehabilitasie in die Suid-Afrikaanse verbruikersinsolvensiereg: Internasionale tendense en riglyne’ (2016) July LitNet.

Company law

Lombard, M and Swart, C ‘Vonnisbespreking: Turquand en estoppel: Voëls van eenderse vere? One Stop Financial Services (Pty) Ltd v Neffensaan Ontwikkelings (Pty) (The CRL Trust as Intervening Creditor) 2015 (4) SA 623 (WKK)’ (2016) July LitNet.

Constitutional law

Dube, A and Nhlabatsi, S ‘The King can do no wrong: The impact of The Law Society of Swaziland v Simelane NO & Others on constitutionalism’ (2016) 16.1 AHRLJ 265.


Bekker, T ‘Die interpretasiereël in die Suid-Afrikaanse kontraktereg (deel 1)’ (2016) JJS 99.

Criminal law

Du Toit, PG ‘Die strafregtelike aanspreeklikheid van regspersone: Lesse uit Kanada’ (2016) JJS 83.

Naidoo, K and Karels, MG ‘Prosecuting “hate”: An overview of problem areas relating to hate crimes and challenges to criminal litigation’ (2016) JJS 65.

Namakula, CS ‘The court record and the right to a fair trial: Botswana and Uganda’ (2016) 16.1 AHRLJ 175.

Tshehla, B ‘Engagement of prosecutors not in the employ of the National Prosecuting Authority’ (2016) JJS 44.

Customary law

Spies, A ‘The importance and relevance of amicus curiae participation in litigating on the customary law of marriage’ (2016) 16.1 AHRLJ 247.

Customs law

Fritz, C ‘Customs searches: Past, present and future’ (2016) JJS 19.

Health law

Wayburne, PA ‘Substantive equality and adverse effect discrimination in the context of National Health Insurance in South Africa’ (2016)

Human rights

Adeleke, F ‘Human rights and international investment arbitration’ (2016) SAJHR.

Adeola, R ‘The right not to be arbitrarily displaced under the United Nations Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement’ (2016) 16.1 AHRLJ 83.

Jegede, AO ‘Rights away from home: Climate-induced displacement of indigenous peoples and the extraterritorial application of the Kampala Convention’ (2016) 16.1 AHRLJ 58.

Mpanga, PM ‘Interpreting the human right to water as a means to advance its enforcement in Uganda’ (2016) 16.1 AHRLJ 204.

Rafudeen, A ‘A South African reflection on the nature of human rights’ (2016) 16.1 AHRLJ 225.

International criminal law

Du Plessis, M and Gevers, C ‘Civil society, “positive complementarity” and the “torture docket” case National Commissioner of The South African Police Service v Southern African Human Rights Litigation Centre and Another (CCT 02/14) [2014] ZACC 30’ (2016) AJ 158.

Dugard, J ‘International criminal law, the International Criminal Court and civil society’ (2016) AJ 3.

Durbach, A ‘An essential intervention: Civil society responses to redressing and preventing violence against women in post-Apartheid South Africa’ (2016) AJ 202.

Ferstman, C ‘Prosecutorial discretion and victims’ rights at the International Criminal Court: Demarcating the battle lines’ (2016) AJ 17.

Gevers, C ‘Back to the future: Civil society, the “turn to complementarity” in Africa and some critical concerns’ (2016) AJ 95.

Keppler, E ‘Challenges for international criminal justice in Africa and the role of civil society’ (2016) AJ 66.

Kunej, S and Ochen, V ‘The case for a victim-friendly ICC: Reparations and the conflict in Northern Uganda’ (2016) AJ 247.

Mudukuti, A ‘The Zimbabwe torture case: Reflections on domestic litigation for international crimes in Africa National Commissioner of The South African Police Service v Southern African Human Rights Litigation Centre and Another (CCT 02/14) [2014] ZACC 30’ (2016) AJ 287.

Osasona, TA ‘Call to action: National bar associations as key civil society actors for the promotion of international criminal justice in Africa’ (2016) AJ 272.

Schwarz, A ‘The legacy of the Kenyatta case: Trials in absentia at the International Criminal Court and their compatibility with human rights’ (2016) 16.1 AHRLJ 99.

Shaw, M ‘Crisis and contradiction: Justice reform society and Zimbabwe’s long transition’ (2016) AJ 179.

Van der Merwe, H and Brankovic, J ‘The role of African civil society in shaping national transitional justice agendas and policies’ (2016) AJ 225.

Williams, S and Palmer, E ‘Civil society and amicus curiae interventions in the International Criminal Court’ (2016) AJ 40.

Woolaver, H ‘Partners in complementarity: The role of civil society in the investigation and prosecution of international crimes in South Africa’ (2016) AJ 129.

Labour law

Manson, G and Gwanyanya, MG ‘Legal formalism and the new Constitution: An analysis of the recent Zimbabwe Supreme Court decision in Nyamande & Another v Zuva Petroleum’ (2016) 16.1 AHRLJ 283.

Millard, D and Bascerano, EG ‘Employers’ statutory vicarious liability in terms of the protection of personal information Act’ (2016) PER.


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This article was first published in De Rebus in 2016 (Sept) DR 47.