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April 25th, 2016

By Meryl Federl

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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
Obiter Obiter Nelson Mandela  Metropolitan University, Faculty of Law (2015) 36.3
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal North West University, Faculty of Law (2015) 18.7
SACJ SA Journal of Criminal justice Juta

(2015) 28.2

(2015) 28.3

SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2016) 133.1
SAMLJ SA Mercantile Law Journal Juta (2016) 28.1


Academic publishing

Carnelley, M ‘Identifying predatory open-access academic journal publishers, in light of the South African Department of Higher Education and Training’s decision to retrospectively de-accredit certain journals’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 519.

Administrative law

Jak, N and Van Ommeren, F ‘Semi-public entities and the public/private-law divide in South African and Dutch law’ (2016) 133.1 SALJ 102.

Child law

Louw, A ‘Lesbian parentage and known donors: Where in the world are we?’ (2016) 133.1 SALJ 1.

Walker S ‘Determining the criminal capacity of children aged 10 to 14 years: A comment in light of S v TS 2015 (1) SACR 489 (WCC)’ (2015) 28.3 SACJ 337.

Company law

Cassim, R ‘Contesting the removal of a director by the board of directors under the Companies Act’ (2016) 133.1 SALJ 133.

Coetzee, L ‘Deregistration and reinstatement of registration of deregistered companies’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 738.

Locke, N ‘The legislative framework determining capacity and representation of a company in South African law and its implications for the structuring of special purpose companies’ (2016) 133.1 SALJ 160.

Van Niekerk, J ‘Some observations regarding share redemptions under the Companies Act 71 of 2008’ (2016) 28.1 SA Merc J 132.

Van Tonder, JL ‘An analysis of the directors’ duty to act in the best interests of the company, through the lens of the business judgment rule’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 702.

Constitutional law

Barnard-Naudé, J ‘The pedigree of the common law and the “unnecessary” Constitution: A discussion of the Supreme Court of Appeal’s decision in RH v DE’ (2016) 133.1 SALJ 16.

Barratt, A ‘Teleological pragmatism, a historical history and ignoring the Constitution – recent examples from the Supreme Court of Appeal’ (2016) 133.1 SALJ 189.

Consumer law

Du Plessis, MA ‘Gauteng Consumer Affairs Court: Enforcement of s 56 of the Consumer Protection Act’ (2016) 28.1 SA Merc LJ MJ 147.

Woker, T ‘Consumer protection and alternative dispute resolution’ (2016) 28.1 SA Merc LJ 21.


Siliquini-Cinelli, L and Hutchison, A ‘Constitutionalism, good faith and the doctrine of specific performance: Rights, duties and equitable discretion’ (2016) 133.1 SALJ 73.

Criminal law

Boyane, T ‘The impact of the right to a fair trial on sentence: Nndateni v The State’ (2015) 28.2 SACJ 204.

Hoctor, S ‘The (surprising) roots of the test for criminal liability for interrupted attempt in South African law’ (2015) 28.3 SACJ 363.

Kayitana, E ‘Complementarity, universal jurisdiction and the ne bis in idem clause of the South African Constitution’ (2015) 28.2 SACJ 163.

Khumalo, K ‘Developing the crime of public violence as a remedy to the violation of the rights of non-protesters during violent protests and strikes – a critical analysis of the South African jurisprudence’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 578.

Meintjies-Van der Walt, L and Knoetze, I ‘The Criminal Law (Forensic Procedures) Amendment Act 37 of 2013: A critical analysis’ (2015) 28.2 SACJ 131.

Mollema, NThe viability and constitutionality of the South African National Register for Sex Offenders: A comparative study’ (2015) 18.7 PER 2706.

Mujuzi, JD ‘Spent convictions in Mauritius: Analysing the Police and Criminal Evidence Bill, 2013’ (2015) 28.3 SACJ 284.

Naudé, B ‘Ensuring procedurally fair identification parades in South Africa’ (2015) 28.2 SACJ 188.

Okpaluba, C ‘Arrest without a warrant: When is an offence committed in the presence of an arresting officer?’ (2015) 28.3 SACJ 257.

Stevens, GP ‘The concept of premeditation in South African criminal law: Quo Vadis?’ (2015) 28.3 SACJ 347.

Cyber law

Karjiker, S ‘Copyright protection of computer programs’ (2016) 133.1 SALJ 51.


Churr, C ‘Wrongful life claims under South African law: An overview of the legal framework’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 745.

Wessels, B ‘Reconsidering the legal position of victims of violent crime: DN v MEC for Health 2014 (3) SA 49 (FB); MEC for Health v DN 2015 (1) SA 182 (SCA)’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 539.

Education law

Chürr, CRealisation of a child’s right to a basic education in the South African school system: Some lessons from Germany’ (2015) 18.7 PER 2404.

Environmental law

Knobel, JCThe Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act, Species-Based Legal Protection and the Danger of Misidentification’ (2015) 18.7 PER 2604.

Freedom of expression

Cassim, F ‘Regulating hate speech and freedom of expression on the Internet: Promoting tolerance and diversity’ (2015) 28.3 SACJ 303.

Health law

Tshehla, B ‘The Traditional Health Practitioners Act and its remedies: Reflections after the operationalisation of the majority of the Act’s provisions’ (2016) 133.1 SALJ 28.

Immigration law

Van der Linde, A ‘Immigration and the right to respect for family life between adult child and elderly foreign parent for purposes of reunification Senchishak v Finland (Application No 5049/12 ECtHR of 18 November 2014)’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 780.

International criminal law

Kayitana, EThe universal jurisdiction of South African criminal courts and immunities of foreign state officials’ (2015) 18.7 PER 2561.

International law

Phooko, MR ‘Direct applicability of the Southern African Development Community law in Zimbabwe and South Africa: Are courts any clearer?’  (2016) 28.1 SA Merc LJ 1.

International trade

Coetzee, J ‘Trade usage: Still law made by merchants for merchants?’ (2016) 28.1 SA Merc LJ 85.

Labour law

Boyens, MJ and Van der Walt, ASidumo revisited – an article on the development of the review test in South Africa’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 631.

Manamela, ME ‘“Matters of mutual interest” for purposes of a strike Vanachem Vanadium Products (Pty) Ltd v National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa [2014] 9 BLLR 923 (LC)’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 791.

Olivier, MP and Govindjee, AA critique of the Unemployment Insurance Amendment Bill, 2015’ (2015) 18.7 PER 2739.

Law of obligation

Carnelley, P and Hoctor, S ‘The meaning of the term “stabularius” in South African law’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 769.

Legal education

Broodryk, T and Buitendag, M ‘Writing-intensive courses across the law curriculum: Developing law students’ critical thinking and writing skills – a post-evaluation assessment’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 615.

Du Plessis, MAClinical legal education models: Recommended assessment regimes’ (2015) 18.7 PER 2777.

Legal profession

Maloka, TC  ‘Protecting the foundation and magnificent edifice of the legal profession: Reflections on Thukwane v Law Society of the Northern Provinces 2014 (5) SA 513 (GP) and Mtshabe v Law Society of the Cape of Good Hope 2014 (5) SA 376 (ECM)’ (2015) 18.7 PER 2642.

Local government law

Mathenjwa, MJ ‘Reconsidering the privileges and immunities of municipal councils’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 661.

Medical law

Kersop, M and Van den Berg, F ‘Obtaining involuntary mental health care in the South African constitutional dispensation’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 679.

Slabbert, M ‘Xenotransplantation’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 725.

Van der Walt, G and Du Plessis, EK ‘“I don’t know how I want to go but I do know that I want to be the one who decides” – the right to die – the High Court of South Africa rules in Robert James Stransham-Ford and Minister of Justice and Correctional Services; The Minister of Health Professional Council of South Africa and the National Director of Public Prosecution (3 June 2015)’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 801.

Mineral law

Badenhorst, PJ ‘Lapsed prospecting rights: “The custodian giveth and the custodian taketh away?” Palala Resources (Pty) Ltd v Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy’ (2016) 133.1 SALJ 37.

Personal injury law

Fick, S and van Der Merwe, PRAF v Sweatman (162/2014) [2015] ZASCA 22 (20 March 2015): A simple illustration of the SCA’s statutory misinterpretation of section 17(4)(C) of the Road Accident Fund Act 56 of 1998’ (2015) 18.7 PER 2803.

Millard, D and Joubert, Y ‘Bitter and twisted? On personal injury claims, predatory fees and access to justice’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 557.

Prison law

Erasmus, D and Hornigold, ACourt supervised institutional transformation in South Africa’ (2015) 18.7 PER 2456.

Private international law

Fredericks, EA ‘The common-law authors on contractual capacity in private international law’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 762.


Tshehla, B ‘Remitting of a case to the trial court and the duty to take steps to obtain evidence to determine the existence of substantial and compelling circumstances Calvin v The State (962/2013) [2014] ZASCA 145 (26 September 2014)’ (2015) Obiter 815.

Separation of powers

Maqutu, LWhen the judiciary flouts separation of powers: Attenuating the credibility of the National Prosecuting Authority’ (2015) 18.7 PER 2671.

Space law

Erlank, WIntroduction to virtual property: Lex virtualis ipsa loquitur’ (2015) 18.7 PER 2525.

Erlank, WRethinking terra nullius and property law in space’ (2015) 18.7 PER 2502.

Tax law

Legwaila, T ‘The substance over form doctrine in taxation: The application of the doctrine after the judgment in Commissioner for the South African Revenue Service v NWK Ltd 2011 (2) SA 67 (SCA)’ (2016) 28.1 SA Merc LJ 112.

Telecommunication law

Swales, L ‘Protection of personal information: South Africa’s answer to the global phenomenon in the context of unsolicited electronic messages (spam)’ (2016) 28.1 SA Merc LJ 49.

Trust law

Nel, E ‘A case for some normative content in South African trust law’ (2015) 36.3 Obiter 600.


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