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March 23rd, 2016
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Accessing articles from publishers


Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
AHRLJ African Human Rights Law Journal University of Pretoria, Centre for Human rights

(2015) 15.2


EL Employment Law LexisNexis (2015) December
ILJ Industrial Law Journal Juta (2016) 37 January
JJS Journal for Juridical Science University of Free State, Law Faculty

(2015) 40.1

(2015) 40.2

  LitNet Akademies (Regte)

(2015) 12 .3


PLD Property Law Digest LexisNexis (2015) December
TSAR Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg Juta

(2016) 1


Child law

Matthias, CR and Zaal, FN ‘Suspension of parental responsibilities and rights of an unmarried father’ (2016) 1 TSAR 194.

Nwauche, ES ‘Child marriage in Nigeria: (Il)legal and (un)constitutional?’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 421.

Civil procedure

Theophilopoulos, C ‘Constitutional transformation and fundamental reform of civil procedure’ (2016) 1 TSAR 68.

Company law

Hauman, M and Snyman-Van Deventer, E ‘The series limited liability company: Innovative, flexible … and complicated’ (2015) 40.2 JJS 24.

Henning, JJ ‘Identifying the structure envisioned for closely held incorporated business entities under the new statutory dispensation’ (2015) 40.1 JJS 19.

Conflict resolution

Vettori, S ‘Mandatory mediation: An obstacle to access to justice?’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 355.


Otto, JM ‘Bedinge en kontrakte ter beperking van die handelsvryheid. Drie dekades sedert Magna Alloys v Ellis 1984 (4) SA 874 (A)’ (2016) 1 TSAR 133.

Credit law

Rautenbach, IM ‘Vonnisbespreking: Die toepassing van die gemeenregtelike in duplum-reël tydens gedingvoering, grondwetlike proporsionaliteit en die skeiding van magte 2015 5 BCLR 509 (KH)’  (2015) 12.3 LitNet Akademies (Regte) 789.

Criminal law

Karels, M ‘Waiver of counsel in South African child justice: An autonomous exercise of rights’ (2015) 40.1 JJS 35.

Mujuzi, JD ‘Private prosecutions and discrimination against juristic persons in South Africa: A comment on National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals v Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development & Another: Recent developments’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 580.

Criminal procedure

Erasmus, D ‘Ontslag van ’n beskuldigde na die sluiting van die vervolgingsaak: Openbare mening en die reg op ’n billike verhoor ingevolge die akkusatoriese strafprosesregstelsel’ (2015) Vol 12 .3 LitNet Akademies (Regte) 857.


Neethling, J ‘Vonnisbespreking: Aan­spreeklikheid weens ’n late: Versoening tussen die tradisionele en nuwe toets vir deliktuele onregmatigheid, of nie? South African Hang and Paragliding Association v Bewick 2015 3 SA 449 (HHA)’  (2015) 12.3 LitNet Akademies (Regte) 810.

Education law

Potgieter, JM ‘School discipline and the delictual negligence test for teachers – a case in point’ (2015) 40.2 JJS 81.

Election law

Kaaba, O ‘The challenges of adjudicating presidential election disputes in domestic courts in Africa’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 329.

Windridge, O ‘A watershed moment for African human rights: Mtikila & Others v Tanzania at the African Court on Human and Peoples’ Rights’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 299.

Environmental law

Kotze, L ‘Menseregte, die omgewing en omgewingskonstitusionalisme: Regte’ (2015) 12.3 Litnet Akademies (Regte) 823.

Family law

Van der Linde, A ‘Family life and religion in the upbringing of children’ (2016) 1 TSAR 144.

HIV law

Eba, PM ‘HIV-specific legislation in sub-Saharan Africa: A comprehensive human rights analysis’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 224.

Human rights

Okafor, OC and Ugochukwu, B ‘Raising legal giants: The agency of the poor in the human rights jurisprudence of the Nigerian Appellate Courts, 1990 – 2011’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 397.

Killander, M ‘Human rights developments in the African Union during 2014: Recent developments’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 537.

Human rights education

Mubangizi, JC ‘Human rights education in South Africa: Whose responsibility is it anyway?’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 496.

International criminal law

Amvane, G ‘Intervention pursuant to article 4(h) of the Constitutive Act of the African Union without United Nations Security Council authorisation’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 282.

Kitharidis, S ‘Rape as a weapon of war: Combating sexual violence and impunity in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the way forward’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 449.

Njotini, MN ‘Anti-terrorism measures in South Africa: Suspicious transaction reporting and human rights’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 515.

Swanepoel, CF ‘South Africa’s obligation as member state of the International Criminal Court: The Al-Bashir controversy’ (2015) 40.1 JJS 50.

Tunamsifu, SP ‘The right to justice: A challenge for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence in the Eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 473.

Van der Vyver, JD ‘The Al Bashir debacle: Recent developments’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 559.

Labour law

Bassuday, K ‘Derivative misconduct and an employer’s duty of good faith’ (2016) 37 Jan ILJ 86.

Benjamin, P ‘Restructuring triangular employment: The interpretation of section 198A of the Labour Relations Act’ (2016) 37 Jan ILJ 28.

Davis, I ‘Should section 197 of the LRA be amended to automatically protect employees when labour intensive services are outsourced or when a new service provider is appointed?’ (2016) 37 Jan ILJ 45.

Du Toit, D ‘The right to equality versus employer “control” and employees “subordination” are some more equal than others’ (2016) 37 Jan ILJ 1.

Gericke, SB ‘The regulation of successive fixed-term employment in South Africa: Lessons to be gleaned from foreign and international law’ (2016) 1 TSAR 94.

Grant, B, Phungula, S and Whitear-Nel, N ‘Who needs to notify the employer of impending strike action?’ (2016) 37 Jan ILJ 62.

Grogan, J ‘Let the “deemed” be damned – section 198A(3)(b) deconstructed’ (2015) Dec EL 4.

Grogan, J ‘No “no go” zone for commissioners’ (2015) Dec EL 13.

Phungula, S ‘Insufficient service notice for conciliation before litigation’ (2016) 37 Jan ILJ 75.

Rautenbach, IM and Fourie, E ‘The Constitution and recent amendments to the definition of unfair discrimination and the burden of proof in unfair discrimination disputes in the Employment Equity Act’ (2016) 1 TSAR 110.

Law and philosophy

Pete, S ‘Socrates and student protest in post-Apartheid South Africa – Part One’ (2015) 40.1 JJS 1.

Pete, S ‘Socrates and student protest in post-Apartheid South Africa – Part Two’ (2015) 40.2 JJS 1.

Legal education

Bamgbose, O ‘Access to justice through clinical legal education: A way forward for good governance and development’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 378.

Du Plessis, MA ‘Clinical legal education: Identifying required pedagogical components’ (2015) 40.2 JJS 64.

LGBT rights

Ibrahim, AM ‘LGBT rights in Africa and the discursive role of international human rights law’ (2015) 15.2 AHRLJ 26.

Property law

Botha, M ‘More ways than one to trump a voetstoots clause’ (2015) Dec PLD 6.

Botha, M ‘Options, and the subdivision of Agricultural Land Act: Some finality’ (2015) Dec PLD 3.

Kriek, CA and Van der Walt, AJ ‘Alternative strategies to protect the existing view from a property’ (2016) 1 TSAR 20.

Van der Merwe, CG ‘Recent amendments to the sectional titles regulations’ (2016) 1 TSAR 126.

Privacy law

Bilchitz, D ‘Privacy, surveillance and the duties of corporations’ (2016) 1 TSAR 45.

Sports law

Cornelius, S ‘Wat die drome nie genees nie: Kan toestemming tot benadeling steeds aanspreeklikheid weens sportbeserings uitsluit?’ (2015) 12.3 LitNet Akademies (Regte) 756.

Cornelius, S and Helmchen, L ‘Om sokkerspelers te kontrakteer is nie perdekoop nie’ (2016) 1 TSAR 181.

Unjust enrichment

Jooste, C and Schrage, E ‘Subsidiarity of the general action for unjust enrichment (part 1)’ (2016) 1 TSAR 1.

Sonnekus, JC ‘Lossingsdiskresie by niebestaande retensieregte en andermansskuld’ (2016) 1 TSAR 168.


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