Recent articles and research – August 2017

August 1st, 2017

By Meryl Federl

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 Abbreviation  Title Publisher Volume/issue 
JJS Journal for Juridicial Science Free State University (2017) 42.1
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal/Potchefstroomse Elektroniese Regsblad North West University, Faculty of Law

(2017) May

(2017) June

SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2017) 134.2
SLR Stellenbosch Law Review Juta (2017) 28.1

Child law

Pienaar, L and Karels, MG ‘Compulsory HIV testing of child sex offenders in the South African criminal justice system’ (2017) 42.1 JJS 41.

Company law

Du Plessis, J and Delport, P ‘“Delinquent directors” and “directors under probation”: A unique South African approach regarding disqualification of company directors’ (2017) 134.2 SALJ 274.

Madlela, V and Cassim, R ‘Disclosure of directors’ remuneration under South African company law: Is it adequate?’ (2017) 134.2 SALJ 383.

Mupangavanhu, BM ‘Fiduciary duty and duty of care under Companies Act 2008: Does South African law insist on the two duties being kept separate?’ (2017) 28.1 SLR 148.

Computer law

Cassim, F ‘The use of electronic discovery and cloudcomputing technology by lawyers in practice: Lessons from abroad’ (2017) 42.1 JJS 19.

Constitutional law

Bronstein, V ‘What is a “provincial act” for purposes of the Constitution? Determining the boundaries of the Constitutional Court’s confirmation jurisdiction’ (2017) 134.2 SALJ 235.

Contract law

Hutchison, A ‘Relational theory, context and commercial common sense: Views on contract interpretation and adjudication’ (2017) 134.2 SALJ 296.

Construction law

Boxall, T, Hutchison, A and Wright, M ‘NEC3ECC clause 10.1: An enforceable contractual duty of trust and co-operation in the construction industry?’ (2017) 28.1 SLR 97.

Copyright law

Alberts, W and van Dyk, D ‘“Taxi! Taxi!” The protection of car shapes in intellectual property law’ (2017) 134.2 SALJ 219.

Karjiker, S ‘Copyright infringement and game theory: The law and its limits’ (2017) 28.1 SLR 164.

Rogowski, A ‘Can a song be copied with impunity? A legal perspective on copyright infringement cases in respect of musical works’ (2017) 28.1 SLR 213.

Credit law

Van Deventer, S ‘The enforcement of credit agreements through set-off: Evaluating the impact of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005’ (2017) 134.2 SALJ 415.

Criminal law

Magobotiti, CD ‘An assessment of life sentence without parole for people convicted of killing police officers on duty in South Africa’ (2017) 42.1 JJS 62.

Whitear, N ‘The admissibility of extra-curial admissions by a co-accused: A discussion in the light of the Ndhlovu, Litako and Mhlongo/Nkosi cases, and international law’ (2017) 134.2 SALJ 244.

Family law

Bonthuys, E ‘Proving express and tacit universal partnership agreements in unmarried intimate relationships’ (2017) 134.2 SALJ 263.

Smith, BS ‘Statutory discretion or common law power? Some reflections on “veil piercing” and the consideration of (the value of) trust assets in dividing matrimonial property at divorce – part two’ (2017) 42.1 JJS 1.

Human rights

Chitimira, H and Mokone, PA general legislative analysis of “torture” as a human rights violation in Zimbabwe’ (2017) June PER.

Madlingozi, T ‘Social justice in a time of neo-Apartheid constitutionalism: Critiquing the anti-black economy of recognition, incorporation and distribution’ (2017) 28.1 SLR 123.

Insolvency law

Stander, AL and Kloppers, H ‘Het ’n eerste verbandhouer werklik ’n “vry hand”-voorkeur ten opsigte van sy sekuriteit as vervreembare goed kragtens artikel 8(b) van die Insolvensiewet? Absa Bank Ltd v Collier 2015 (4) SA 364 (WCC)’ (2017) 42.1 JJS 100.

Labour law

Basson, YSelected developments in South African labour legislation related to persons with disabilities’ (2017) May PER.

Mupangavanhu, YThe relationship between restraints of trade and garden leave’ (2017) June PER.

Tshoose, C ‘Constructive dismissal arising from work-related stress: National Health Laboratory Service v Yona & Others’ (2017) 42.1 JJS 121.

Law of succession

Schoeman-Malan, L ‘Condonation confusion’ (2017) 42.1 JJS 77.

Legal profession

Bauling, ATowards a sound pedagogy in law: A constitutionally informed dissertation as capstone course in the LLB degree programme’ (2017) May PER.

Mining law

Badenhorst, PJ ‘The nature of new order prospecting rights and mining rights: A can of worms?’ (2017) 134.2 SALJ 361.

Municipal law

Brits, R ‘Why the security right in section 118(3) of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act 32 of 2000 is not enforceable against successors in title – a follow-up occasioned by the SCA’s Mitchell judgment’ (2017) 28.1 SLR 47.

Public procurement law

Sewpersadh, P and Mubangizi, JUsing the law to combat public procurement corruption in South Africa: Lessons from Hong Kong’ (2017) May PER.

Property law

Badenhorst, PJ and Young, C ‘The notion of constitutional property in South Africa: An analysis of the Constitutional Court’s approach in Shoprite Checkers (Pty) Ltd v MEC for Economic Development, Eastern Cape 2015 (6) SA 125 (CC)’ (2017) 28.1 SLR 26.

Braude, NL ‘A “uniform procedure” for all expropriations? Customary property rights and the 2015 Expropriation Bill’ (2017) 28.1 SLR 68.

Tchawouo Mbiada, CJ ‘The Public Protector as a mechanism of political accountability: The extent of its contribution to the realisation of the right to access adequate housing in South Africa’ (2017) May PER.

Van der Walt, AJ ‘Property law in the constitutional democracy’ (2017) 28.1 SLR 8.

Vols, M and Fick, S ‘Using eviction to combat housing-related crime and anti-social behaviour in South Africa and the Netherlands’ (2017) 134.2 SALJ 327.

Tax law

De Matos Ala, C ‘Taxing the president: The income tax implications of the security improvements made to the private residence of President Jacob Zuma’ (2017) 28.1 SLR 187.


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