Recent articles and research – March 2017

March 1st, 2017

By Meryl Federl

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Publisher Volume/issue
EL Employment law LexisNexis (2016) 32.6
ILJ Industrial Law Journal Juta (2017) 38 January
PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal/Potchefstroomse Elektroniese Regsblad North West University, Faculty of Law

(2016) 19 August

(2016) 19 October

(2016) 19 November

(2016) 19 December

(2017) 20 January

PLD Property Law Digest LexisNexis (2016) 20.4
SAJHR South African Journal on Human Rights Taylor and Francis (2016) 32.3
SAMLJ South African Mercantile Law Journal Juta (2016) 28.3
SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2016) 133.4
SLR Stellenbosch Law Review Juta (2016) 27.3
TSAR  Tydskrif vir die Suid-Afrikaanse Reg Juta (2017) 1

Administrative law

Meerkotter, A ‘The application of the Promotion of Administrative Justice Act 3 of 2000 to decisions not to prosecute’ (2016) 27.3 SLR 599.

Aviation law

De Gama, R ‘The exclusion of liability for emotional harm to passengers in the Warsaw and Montréal Convention: Moving away from Floyd, Siddhu and Pienaar, the Stott Case?’ (2017) 20 January PER.

Child law

Bekink, M ‘Kerkhoff v Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development 2011 (2) SACR 109 (GNP): Intermediary Appointment Reports and a child’s right to privacy versus the right of an accused to access to information’ (2017) 20 January PER.

Boniface, AE ‘The genetic link requirement for surrogacy: A family cannot be defined by genetic lineage’ (2017) 1 TSAR 190.

Civil procedure

Bellengere, A and Swales, L ‘Can Facebook ever be a substitute for the real thing? A review of CMC Woodworking Machinery (Pty) Ltd v Pieter Odendaal Kitchens 2012 (5) SA 604 (KZD)’ (2016) 27.3 SLR 454.

Company law

Stevens, RA ‘The legal nature of the duty of care and skill’ (2017) 20 January PER.

Consumer law

Lim Tung, OJ ‘Organic Food Certification in South Africa: A private sector mechanism in need of state regulation?’ (2016) 19 October PER.

Naudé, T ‘Towards augmenting the list of prohibited contract terms in the South African Consumer Protection Act 68 of 2008’ (2017) 1 TSAR 138.

Constitutional law

Khampepe, S ‘Meaningful participation as transformative process: The challenges of institutional change in South Africa’s constitutional democracy’ (2016) 27.3 SLR 441.

Singh, A and Bhero, MZ ‘Judicial law-making: Unlocking the creative powers of judges in terms of section 39(2) of the Constitution’ (2016) 19 November PER.

Swemmer, S, Madi, P, Nase, A and Chamberlain, L ‘Constitutional Court statistics for the 2014 term’ (2016) 32.3 SAJHR 556.


Sonnekus JC ‘Borgverbande en verpanding van aandele lei tot verwarring’ (2017) 1 TSAR 207.

Credit law

Campbell, J ‘Short-term credit: Recent developments and the new limits on the cost of micro-loans’ (2016) 28.3 SAMLJ 461.

Otto, JM ‘Die impak van die nasionale kredietwet op die sakereg en saaklike sekerheid’ (2017) 1 TSAR 167.

Criminal law

Naidoo, K ‘Are the perceived greater harms caused by hate crimes a plausible justification for the existence of hate-crime laws?’ (2016) 27.3 SLR 634.

Cyber law

Mupangavanhu, Y ‘Electronic signatures and non-variation clauses in the modern digital world: The case of South Africa’ (2016) 133.4 SALJ 853.

Njotini, MN ‘Re-positioning the law of theft in view of recent developments in ICTs – the case of South Africa’ (2016) 19 December PER.


Scott, TJ ‘Damage(s): Reflections on the misuse of legal terminology’ (2016) 133.4 SALJ 715.

Education law

Isokpan, AJ and Durojaye, E ‘Impact of the Boko Haram insurgency on the child’s right to education in Nigeria’ (2016) 19 December PER.

Family law

Bonthuys, E ‘Exploring universal partnerships and putative marriages as tools for awarding partnership property in contemporary family law’ (2016) 19 December PER.

Rule, BJ ‘A square peg in a round hole? Considering the impact of applying the law of business partnerships to cohabitants’ (2016) 27.3 SLR 610.

Shipley, IM ‘Trust assets and the dissolution of a marriage: A practical look at invalid trusts, sham trusts, and piercing the veneers of trusts/going behind the trust form’ (2016) 28.3 SAMLJ 508.

Human rights

Bilchitz, D ‘Dignity, fundamental rights and legal capacity: Moving beyond the paradigm set by the general comment on article 12 of the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ (2016) 32.3 SAJHR 410.

Chitimira, H and Mokone, P ‘The functions of selected human rights institutions and related role-players in the protection of human rights in Zimbabwe’ (2016) 19 December PER.

Davidson, L ‘Capacity to consent to or refuse psychiatric treatment: An analysis of South African and UK law’ (2016) 32.3 SAJHR 457.

Dhanda, A ‘From duality to indivisibility: Mental health care and human rights’ (2016) 32.3 SAJHR 438.

Gravett, WH ‘The Smutsian concept of “human rights”’ (2016) 32.3 SAJHR 538.

Kamga, SD ‘Disability rights in South Africa: Prospects for their realisation under the white paper on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities’ (2016) 32.3 SAJHR 569.

Lund, C ‘Mental health and human rights in South Africa: The hidden humanitarian crisis’ (2016) 32.3 SAJHR 403.

Mahomed, F ‘Stigma on the basis of psychosocial disability: A structural human rights violation’ (2016) 32.3 SAJHR 490.

Pieterse, M ‘Rights, regulation and bureaucratic impact: The impact of human rights litigation on the regulation of informal trade in Johannesburg’ (2017) 20 January PER.

Insolvency law

Mabe, Z ‘Section 27 of the Insolvency Act 24 of 1936 as a violation of the equality clause of the Constitution of South Africa: A critical analysis’ (2016) 19 August PER.

Mabe, Z ‘Setting aside transactions from pyramid schemes as impeachable dispositions under South African insolvency legislation’ (2016) 19 October PER.

Smith, AD ‘Some aspects of South African cross-border insolvency relief: The Lehane matter’ (2016) 19 December PER.

Insurance law

Millard, D ‘The impact of the Twin Peaks Model on the insurance industry’ (2016) 19 November PER.

International criminal law

Barrie, GN ‘Al-Bashir and the tale of two cities: The law of Rome and the law of Pretoria’ (2017) 1 TSAR 149.

International law

Mwanawina, I ‘Regional integration and pacta sunt servanda: Reflections on South African trans-border higher education policies’ (2016) 19 December PER.

International trade

Hugo, C ‘Letters of credit and demand guarantees: A tale of two sets of rules of the International Chamber of Commerce’ (2017) 1 TSAR 1.

Labour law

Calitz, K ‘Violent, frequent and lengthy strikes in South Africa: Is the use of replacement labour part of the problem?’ (2016) 28.3 SAMLJ 436.

Dass, D and Raymond, AL ‘A consideration of the employment rights of asylum seekers and refugees within South Africa as contextualised by the Watchenuka and Discovery Health judgments’ (2017) 38 January ILJ 26.

Deakin, S ‘Labour law, economic development, and the minimum wage: Comparative reflections on the South African debate’ (2017) 38 January ILJ 1.

Forere, MA ‘From exclusion to labour security: To what extent does section 198 of the Labour Relations Amendment Act of 2014 strike a balance between employers and employees?’ (2016) 28.3 SAMLJ 375.

Geldenhuys, J ‘Inequality in equality’ (2016) 28.3 SAMLJ 399.

Grogan, J ‘Summary justice: Workplace discipline – SABC style’ (2016) 32.6 EL 4.

Grogan, J ‘Trust relationship: Is evidence necessary?’ (2016) 32.6 EL 13.

Holness, W ‘The invisible employee: Reasonable accommodation of psychosocial disability in the South African workplace’ (2016) 32.3 SAJHR 510.

Malherbe, K and Calitz, K ‘The expediency of including claims based on disablement caused by sexual harassment in South Africa’s system of workers’ compensation’ (2016) 27.3 SLR 476.

Matlou, D ‘Understanding workplace social justice within the constitutional framework’ (2016) 28.3 SAMLJ 544.

Newaj, K and Van Eck, S ‘Automatically unfair and operational requirement dismissals: Making sense of the 2014 amendments’ (2016) 19 December PER.

Springveldt, Y ‘Dispute resolution under the Labour Relations Act: Practical implications of the amendments to section 145 on the furnishing of security’ (2017) 38 January ILJ 63.

Tapiwa, JT and Kasuso, G ‘Reflections on the constitutionalising of individual labour law and labour rights in Zimbabwe’ (2017) 38 January ILJ 43.

Viviers, DJ ‘Dress codes, grooming standards and South African employment law: Comparative insights on workplace discrimination based on mutable appearance characteristics’ (2016) 133.4 SALJ 897.

Law of agency

Sharrock, RD ‘Authority by representation – a new form of authority?’ (2016) 19 December PER.

Law of contract

Fischer, M ‘Conduct constituting anticipatory breach of contract’ (2016) 133.4 SALJ 820.

Law of evidence

Barrie, G and Villiers, B ‘Revisiting the adversarial approach of dealing with expert evidence: The treatment of expert witnesses by the state administrative tribunal of Western Australia’ (2017) 1 TSAR 59.

Law of succession

Wood-Bodley, MC ‘Wills lost whilst in the testator’s possession – rebutting the presumption of revocation’ (2016) 133.4 SALJ 731.

Land rights

Parker, J and Zaal, FN ‘Extending recognition of indigenous burial practices in Selomo v Doman 2014 JDR 0780 (LCC)’ (2016) 19 December PER.

Legal education

Adeleke, F and Mabaso, S ‘Evaluating a different model of clinical legal education in South Africa: Community consultations, advocacy and the right of access to information’ (2016) 133.4 SALJ 874.

Louw, CH and Broodryk, T ‘Teaching legal writing skills in the South African LLB curriculum: The role of the writing consultant’ (2016) 27.3 SLR 535.

Modiri, J ‘The time and space of critical legal pedagogy’ (2016) 27.3 SLR 507.

Singo, D ‘The role of South African university law clinics within the LLB degree’ (2016) 27.3 SLR 554.

Mining law

Olivier, N, Williams, C and Badenhorst, P ‘Competing preferent community prospecting rights: A nonchalant custodian?’ (2016) 19 November PER.

Pension law

Nkosi, T ‘The rules of an occupational retirement fund and the problem of defaulting employers: A reconsideration of Orion Money Purchase Pension Fund (SA) v Pension Funds Adjudicator’ (2016) 19 December PER.

Private international law

Martinek, M ‘The principle of reciprocity in the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments – history, presence and … no future’ (2017) 1 TSAR 36.

Property law

Binedell, M ‘Levy clearance costs: Are owners (and conveyancers) being taken for a ride?’ (2016) 20.4 PLD 18.

Botha, M ‘The new arrival on the block: The ombud for community schemes’ (2016) 20.4 PLD 2.

Erlank, W ‘Property rights in space: Moving the goal posts so the players don’t notice’ (2016) 19 November PER.

Hoops, B ‘Specificity of expropriation statutes as a safeguard against third-party transfers for economic development: Lessons from German law for new expropriation legislation in South Africa?’ (2016) 133.4 SALJ 788.

Hoops, B ‘The alternative-project argument in the context of expropriation law (part 2)’ (2017) 1 TSAR 70.

Kilbourn, L ‘Sectional titles in South Africa: Do “old” rules or “new” rules apply to “old” schemes?’ (2016) 20.4 PLD 8.

Sonnekus, JC ‘Notariële binding, deëltitels en ’n erfdiensbaarheid om te parker’ (2017) 1 TSAR 116.

Van Wyk, J ‘Compensation for land reform expropriation’ (2017) 1 TSAR 21.

Public procurement

Bolton, P ‘Public Procurement as a tool to drive innovation in South Africa’ (2016) 19 December PER.

Rule of law

Du Plessis, M and Coutsoudis, A ‘Considering corruption through the AllPay lens: On the limits of judicial review, strengthening accountability, and the long arm of the law’ (2016) 133.4 SALJ 755.

Venter, R ‘The executive, the public protector and the legislature: “The lion, the witch and the wardrobe”?’ (2017) 1 TSAR 176.

Security law

Wiese, M ‘A South African perspective on a lien as real security right in Scottish law’ (2017) 1 TSAR 89.

Sentencing law

Terblanche, SS ‘Committal to a treatment centre as sentence: Complicated by an incomplete amendment’ (2016) 133.4 SALJ 744.

Tax law

Gutuza, T ‘Tax treaties, the Income Tax Act and the constitution – trump or reconcile?’ (2016) 28.3 SAMLJ 480.

Trademark law

Hobson-Jones, S and Karjiker, S ‘Is South African trademark law out of shape? A comparative analysis of shape marks, in light of the recent SCA and CJEU Kit Kat decisions’ (2016) 27.3 SLR 575.

Smith, A ‘The classification of a trade mark as property: Pointer Fashion International CC v Adams & Adams Attorneys & Others 2013 BIP 180 (GNP)’ (2016) 28.3 SAMLJ 563.


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