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December 1st, 2016

By Meryl Federl

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Abbreviation Title Publisher Volume/issue
EL Employment law LexisNexis (2016) 32.5
ILJ Industrial Law Journal Juta (2016) 37 October
LDD Law, Democracy and Development University of the Western Cape (2016) 20
LitNet LitNet Akademies (Regte) Trust vir Afrikaanse Onderwys

(2016) 13(3) September


PER Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal/Potchefstroomse Elektroniese Regsblad North West University, Faculty of Law

(2016) September


SALJ South African Law Journal Juta (2016) 133.3
SLR Stellenbosch Law Review Juta (2016) 27.2

Administrative law

Konstant, A ‘Administrative action and procedural fairness – Minister of Defence and Military Veterans v Motau’ (2016) 133.3 SALJ 491.

Marais, EJ ‘A common-law presumption, statutory interpretation and s 25(2) of the Constitution – a tale of three fallacies. A critical analysis of the Constitutional Court’s Arun judgment – Arun Property Development (Pty) Ltd v Cape Town City’ (2016) 133.3 SALJ 629.


Hutchison, D ‘Agreements in restraint of cession: Time for a new approach’ (2016) 27.2 SLR 273.

Commercial law

Wallis, M ‘Commercial certainty and constitutionalism: Are they compatible?’ (2016) 133.3 SALJ 545.

Company law

Cassim, RDelinquent Directors under the Companies Act 71 of 2008: Gihwala v Grancy Property Limited 2016 ZASCA 35’ (2016) September PER.

Jacobs, L and Neethling, JDie sorgsame ondernemingsreddingspraktisyn: ’n Ondersoek na die gepaste maatstaf’ (2016) 13(3) September LitNet.

Consumer law

Lim Tung, OJ ‘Genetically modified food and feed in South Africa: Labelling and the right to disclosure of information’ (2016) 133.3 SALJ 600.

Constitutional law

French, D“Brexit”: A constitutional, diplomatic and democratic crisis. A view from the trenches’ (2016) September PER.

Rautenbach, IM ‘Vonnisbespreking: Teenmaatreëls vir die uitvoerende gesag se kaping van wetgewende kontrolefunksies in ’n parlementêre uitvoerende stelsel – Economic Freedom Fighters v Speaker of the National Assembly 2016 5 BCLR 618 (KH)’ (2016) 13(3) September LitNet.

Contract law

Brand, FDJ ‘The role of good faith, equity and fairness in the South African law of contract: A further instalment’ (2016) 27.2 SLR 238.

Naudé, T ‘The principle of reciprocity in continuous contracts like lease: What is and should be the role of the exceptio non adimpleti contractus (defence of the unfulfilled contract)?’ (2016) 27.2 SLR 323.

Nienaber, PM ‘Toegepaste kontraktereg oor arbitrasies en dies meer’ (2016) 27.2 SLR 393.

Reinecke, MFB ‘Die aard en indeling van kontrakbreuk’ (2016) 27.2 SLR 309.

Smits, JM ‘The expanding circle of contract law’ (2016) 27.2 SLR 227.

Zimmermann, R ‘Right to damages in European contract law’ (2016) 27.2 SLR 354.


Du Plessis, J ‘The right of an attorney to claim payment of costs from a third party’ (2016) 27.2 SLR 292.

Customary law

Chigwata, T ‘The role of traditional leaders in Zimbabwe: Are they still relevant?’ (2016) 20 LDD 69.


Myburgh, F ‘On constitutive formalities, estoppel and breaking the rules’ (2016) 27.2 SLR 254.

Harmonisation of laws

Lehloenya, PM and Mpya, MN ‘Exploring the citizen inclusiveness and micro-economic empowerment aspects of regional integration in Africa’ (2016) 20 LDD 91.

Health law 

Pieterse, M ‘Geography, marginalisation and the performance of the right to have access to health care services in Johannesburg’ (2016) 20 LDD 1.

Human rights

Stevens, C and Ntlama, N ‘An overview of South Africa’s institutional framework in promoting women’s right to development’ (2016) 20 LDD 40.

International trade

Vinti, C ‘A spring without water: The conundrum of anti-dumping duties in South African law’ (2016) September PER.

Judicial reasoning

Olivier, P ‘Deriving the ratio of an overdetermined judgment: The law after Turnbull-Jackson v Hibiscus Coast Municipality’ (2016) 133.3 SALJ 522.


Masengu, T ‘Gender transformation as a means of enhancing perceptions of impartiality on the Bench’ (2016) 133.3 SALJ 475.

Labour law

Bassuday, K ‘Disciplinary sanctions in the alternative’ (2016) 37 October ILJ 2251.

Cohen T and Gosai, N ‘Making a case for work life balances for the South African employee’ (2016) 37 October ILJ 2237.

Ebrahim, S ‘Equal pay for work of equal value in terms of the Employment Equity Act 55 of 1998: Lessons from the International Labour Organisation and the United Kingdom’ 2016 September PER.

Fergus, E and Godfrey, S ‘Organising and bargaining across sectors in South Africa: Recent developments and potential problems’ (2016) 37 October ILJ 2211.

Grogan, J ‘Levelling the playing fields who can be locked out, and when?’ (2016) 32.5 EL.

Grogan, J ‘Watch the boss – strict liability for harassment’ (2016) 32.5 EL.

Myburgh, A ‘Reviewing CCMA rewards: Undecided and controversial issues’ (2016) 37 October ILJ 2193.

Nkhumise, RW ‘Dismissal of an employee at the instance of a client: Revisiting Nape v INTCS Corporate Solutions (Pty) Ltd in the context of the Labour Relations Amendment Act 6 of 2014’ (2016) 20 LDD 106.

Rycroft, A ‘Is evidence of the breakdown in the trust relationship always necessary?’ (2016) 37 October ILJ 2260.

Pension law

Marumoagae, MC ‘Concern Regarding the “debt” created by rule 14.10.9 of the Government Employees’ Pension Fund Rules’ (2016) September PER.

Mhango, M ‘Does the South African Pension Funds Adjudicator perform an administrative or a judicial function?’ (2016) 20 LDD 20.

Prescription law

Loubser, M ‘The prescription period applicable to a debt secured by notarial bond’ (2016) 27.2 SLR 374.

Property law

Erlank, W ‘Don’t touch my virtual property: Justifications for the recognition of virtual property’ (2016) 133.3 SALJ 664.

Sentencing law

Du Toit, PG ‘Publisiteitsbevele as vonnisopsie vir regspersone – publicity orders as sentencing option for juristic persons’ (2016) September PER.

Sporting law

Plasket, C ‘The fundamental principles of justice and legal vacuums: The regulatory powers of national sporting bodies’ (2016) 133.3 SALJ 569.

Tax law

Titus, A ‘May an investment in interest-bearing securities constitute a trade for the purposes of the Income Tax Act?’ (2016) 133.3 SALJ 504.

Unjust enrichment

Sonnekus, JC ‘Subsidiêriteit as kernbegrip by verrykingseise, sekerheidsregte én statutêr nie-uitwinbare vorderings’ (2016) 27.2 SLR 415.


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