SAWLA celebrates the appointment of its president to the JSC

November 8th, 2021

By Kgomotso Ramotsho

The South African Women Lawyers Association (SAWLA) is beaming with pride after its President, Nomaswazi Shabangu-Mndawe, was appointed by the Minister of Justice and Correctional Services, Ronald Lamola, to serve in the Judicial Services Commission (JSC).

In a statement released by SAWLA the organisation said that the objective of SAWLA among others is to: ‘Facilitate the full participation of women lawyers in policy dialogues in South Africa particularly those relating to constitutionalism, the transformation of the legal system, women empowerment, and the achievement of gender equality in the justice system; and promote gender balanced participation in all aspects of the legal system, including the judiciary.’

The organisation pointed out they aide-memoire the change and are beholden to Mr Lamola for heeding to their call. ‘We now have an opportunity as women to be part of important decision making. We are no longer jettisoned in the galley when men gauge our future but rather, we deployed at the table with them, thus changing the narrative,’ the statement read.

The statement added that Ms Shabangu-Mndawe came into office on 7 March 2020 and has since taken SAWLA to a soaring height with her dedication and commitment. The statement further stated that Ms Shabangu-Mndawe is a seasoned attorney with valuable experience of the lived realities of women lawyers. ‘She is an inclusive leader and is committed to developing the next generation of women lawyers and leaders. We are confident that the JSC will be enriched as a result of her appointment,’ the statement added.

Kgomotso Ramotsho Cert Journ (Boston) Cert Photography (Vega) is the news reporter at De Rebus.