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Employment law update – Constructive dismissal as a result of bullying

x Bookmark In Centre for Autism Research and Education CC v Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration and Others [2020] 11 BLLR 1123 (LC), the employees were employed as special […]

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Employment law update – Substance over form

x Bookmark Pelindaba Workers Union v SA Nuclear Energy Corporation and Others (LAC) (unreported case no JA73/2018, 25-6-2020) (Sutherland JA with Davis JA and Savage AJA concurring) At the centre […]

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Employment law update – Dismissed for lodging an internal grievance – can an employee claim an automatically unfair dismissal?

x Bookmark DBT Technologies (Pty) Ltd v Garnevsha (LAC) (unreported case no JA61/2018, 18-5-2020) (Murphy AJA with Sutherland JA and Waglay JP concurring) In terms of s 187(1)(d) of the […]

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