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What are smart software solutions, and how do these benefit legal practitioners?

x Bookmark In the article titled ‘The legal profession’s focus on the future’ 2020 (Nov) DR 4, I wrote about the effect that the sudden onset of the COVID-19 pandemic […]

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Is a perfect storm on the way?

x Bookmark I am not aware of any previous period in history, when numerous events taking place simultaneously, have had such a profound impact on legal practice in South Africa […]

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Revisiting the psychological well-being of legal practitioners and their staff

x Bookmark The growth in professional indemnity (PI) claims against legal practitioners in South Africa (SA) in the last decade has been attributed to several factors, including: The sharp growth […]

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Accounts receivable: Client billing

x Bookmark Cash flows into the business bank account as payment received for work done. In order to receive payment, legal practitioners need to report to clients the nature of […]

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Determining a trust position

x Bookmark From the inspections that the Legal Practitioners’ Fidelity Fund (LPFF) have conducted on the trust accounts of trust legal practices, the LPFF has noted that there is often […]

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