Welcome to SA Lawyer

September 8th, 2022

Welcome to the first issue of the SA Lawyer, which is a supplement of De Rebus. This supplement, alike the De Rebus, is a publication that belongs to legal practitioners and will be filled with content that is of importance to the legal profession. In this inaugural issue we have compiled several newsworthy articles on events that took place in the past few months. We hope you enjoy reading the publication.

The supplement will be published quarterly and we call out to all legal practitioners to submit articles and information on events that are of importance to the profession. Added to that, we call out to all practitioners to notify us on any events that should be featured in the supplement.

Here are the upcoming events for the rest of 2022 and the beginning of 2023:

This article was first published in SA Lawyer in 2022 (September) DR 1.

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